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Get an A+ in Organizing Your Dorm Room
Get an A+ in Organizing Your Dorm Room

Whether you are starting college for the first-time or returning for another semester it can be just as stressful as it is exciting. Here are some dorm room do’s and don’ts and ways being organized can help you reduce dorm room disasters for a more successful school year:


Checkmate: The End of Lost Socks
Checkmate: The End of Lost Socks Do you ever wonder where all those socks go?  Somewhere between your laundry hamper, the washing machine and the trip back to your room they have disappeared.  We can’t solve the mystery of where those socks go, but we can prevent them going astray.  Follow these tips to keep your socks two-by-two. 
Lighten Your Laundry Load!
Lighten Your Laundry Load! Laundry never stops, so if we’re going to have to take care of it I like to encourage ways to make it a lot less onerous.  Read on to find ways you might even find yourself enjoying it!
The Language of Laundry Care
The Language of Laundry Care Those laundry care symbols look just out of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. So many symbols and so less patience to decode them! More than often they go unnoticed, and if at all we are in a mood to check those labels out, we just check for the type of fabric and the size and where it was manufactured. A majority of us do not bother to read the whole minute writings and symbols that are present on these labels until we have washed them, and ruined our newly bought apparel. After it has been done, we realize we should have gone through the label and tried to decode some of those symbols.