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  • 2 Pack Re-useable Dryer Balls – Style 5523

2 Pack Re-useable Dryer Balls – Style 5523

$7.96 USD
SKU: 061648937486

Choose the chemical-free solution for soft, wrinkle-free clothing. This two pack dryer balls won't leave behind residue that can be harmful to your dryer or your sensitive skin, unlike some dryer sheets. Drop them right in the dryer to decrease drying time by separating fabrics and improving airflow. Easy on the environment, this set of 2 dryer balls will soften up to 1000 loads of laundry. Easy to use, drop it right in the dryer


Style# 5523X02


  • Chemical free alternative to dryer sheets
  • Separates laundry during the drying process to better circulate hot air and soften fabrics
  • Add to your dryer with your wet laundry to help reduce drying time, static cling and wrinkles
  • Re-useable over 1000 loads
  • 2 balls included in each pack
  • Color: Orange
  • Each measures 2.76 inches wide x 2.76 inches deep x 2.76 inches high (7.01 x 7.01 x 7.01 centimeters)